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Ford Master Kits for 1960- 1970 Concours Correct Bolts

Master Kits for your Classic Ford Mustang, Ford Shelby Mustang and Cougar 

Ford restoration fasteners are oem correct. These classic ford bolts are made by amk products.

Ford original engine bolt kit for FE Big Block
his Ford master engine kit contains original ford engine bolts with correct head marking and finish. engine kit is made by amk products.
 Ford mustang master interior screw kits
Mustang interior screw kit for shelby and mustang. Interior screw kits are made by amk products.
Ford Original Body Bolts
Ford Original Body bolts with original head marking and finish
Mustang seat belt mounting kit these seat belt bolts are oem correct. Mustang Seat belt are made by AMK products.
Ford 429 Big Block Engine bolt kit
Ford 429, 429cj and 429scj engine bolts are oem correct. Engine bolts have the correct head marking
Ford Mustang Small block Engine bolt kit
Ford small block engine bolts are oem correct we have engine bolts for 289Hp, Shelby Gt 350, 302 engine bolts 351
Ford Master Chassis Bolt Kit
east coast bolts specializes in Ford original chassis bolts. These original bolts are made by amk products.
Ford mustang shelby cougar underhood bolt kit
This mustang cougar underhood bolt is oem correct.
Mustang/Shelby brake and fuel line bolt kit
Mustang/Shelby brake and Fuel line Bolt kit these brake and fuel line kits are perfect for your classic car restoration

East Coast Bolts

  OEM correct Nuts and Bolts 

Master Kits for your

Classic Ford Mustang, Ford Shelby Mustang and Cougar 

  If you want correct Fasteners for your Ford Classic Vintage Classic car restoration then

This is the authentic hardware you need to reassemble your classic Mustang all in one package  

 All OEM Fasteners, in this master kit are packaged individually and labeled

Making your Ford classic car restoration easy

 All classic Ford Nuts and Bolts have the correct head markings on them  


You can purchase the master kit or single kits


You save up 30% when you purchase the master Kit

We have the following master bolt kit for your Mustang, Cougar Shelby    

Body, Engine, Interior, Chassis Brake, Fuel lines,  Under hood Kits and under hood Stainless    

All master kits are made by AMK products


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