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Grade 8 & 5 Nuts and Bolts

 East Coast Bolts

Grade 8 and Grade 5 bolts and Grade 8 Grade 5 Nuts  

Grade 5 Cap scews
East Coast Bolts has a large variety of grade 5 bolts. These grade 5 are bright zinc chromate. If you looking for grade 5 bolts for all types of use you have come the right place. We have Grade 5 bolts from ¼ head thru ¾.
Grade 8 Bolts Flange
Grade 8 bolts
Grade 8 Nuts  Flange
Grade 8 nuts
Grade 8 Cap Screws
Zinc & Yellow Dichromate Grade 8 Bolts These Grade 8 Bolts are Medium Carbon Alloy Steel These Grade 8 bolts have 150,000 PSI Minimum Tensile Strength The grade 8 bolts Head is identified with 6 Radial Lines We have a large variety of Grade 8 Bolts.
Grade 8 Grade 5 Nuts
Grade 8 nuts Zinc & yellow. Prevailing Torque Locknuts

East Coast Bolts

Grade 8 and Grade 5 bolts and Grade 8 Grade 5 Nuts  

These Grade 8 Grade 5 nut and bolts are great for general use

Grade 8 bolts can also be used for vehicle chassis

These bolts are perfect for any classic car restoration

We have grade 8 flange bolts Grade 8 Flange nuts

And we have grade 5 cap screws  

Let E.C.B supply your body shop with all fastener need   

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