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Upgrade Your Classic Mustang This OEM Correct Mustang Master Underhood Kits from East Coast Bolts

Mustang Master Underhood Kits

Boost Your Mustang's Style and Power with East Coast Bolts' Mustang Master Under Hood Kits

The rumble of the engine, the sleek lines of the body – your Mustang is a masterpiece of classic American muscle. But even the most iconic cars can suffer from the passage of time.  Rusted fasteners, faded components, and a generally unkempt engine bay can detract from your Mustang's under-hood majesty.

East Coast Bolts is here to help you restore your Mustang's engine bay to its former glory with our Mustang Master Underhood Kits. These comprehensive kits provide everything you need to get your classic back in tip-top shape, looking sharp from the hood ornament to the firewall.

OEM-Correct Fasteners for a Showroom Shine

A true Mustang restoration demands authenticity down to the last detail.  Our Master Underhood Kits feature OEM-correct fasteners, meticulously compiled based on original factory specifications. This ensures a perfect fit and finish for every screw, bolt, washer, and clip in your Mustang's engine bay.  From the air cleaner assembly to the radiator brackets and hood hinges, your Mustang will have the correct hardware for a truly original look.

Individual Packaged Kits for Organized Efficiency

Restoring a classic car's engine bay requires a meticulous approach.  That's why our Mustang Master Underhood Kits come with individual packages-I-Kit. Each I-Kit is clearly labeled, specifying the exact area of the engine bay it applies to, such as the air cleaner assembly, fan shroud, or hood latch mechanism. This organized approach saves you time and frustration by keeping all the necessary fasteners readily accessible during the restoration process.  No more digging through a jumbled mess of hardware – just grab the I-Kit you need and get to work on bringing your Mustang's engine bay back to life.

One-Stop Shopping for a Hassle-Free Restoration

Skip the endless searching through parts stores and online marketplaces for the right fasteners. East Coast Bolts' Master Underhood Kits provide a one-stop shopping solution.  Our kits eliminate the need to hunt for obscure parts or settle for mismatched hardware.  You'll have all the OEM-correct fasteners needed to complete your Mustang's under-hood restoration to the highest standard.  Imagine the satisfaction of reinstalling, gleaming new components secured with hardware that perfectly matches the originals.

Restore Your Mustang's Engine Bay to Legendary Status

Investing in a Master Underhood Kit from East Coast Bolts is an investment in your Mustang's legacy. With the right fasteners in hand, you can confidently tackle the restoration, knowing you're using parts built to match the originals.  Order your Master Underhood Kit today and get your Mustang's engine bay looking as good as it performs, ready to power you down the road for years to come!

Available Varieties to Match Your Mustang

East Coast Bolts offers a wide variety of Mustang Master Underhood Kits to suit a wide range of models and configurations. Here's a glimpse of what we have available:


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