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Master Bolt Kits For Classic Cars

Restoring a classic car is a real labor of love. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a pain in the -

well, you know what we’re getting at here. Breathing new life into classic cars just does

something to a person - it fills us with a certain kind of satisfaction that is hard to describe.

When restoring a car, what better way to do it then with authentic restoration fasteners?!

Always look for bolt kits that include the specialty nuts and bolts needed to assemble your American-made classic car correctly.

Restoring a vintage car is challenging, exciting, and fulfilling, but finding the right authentic parts can be a real challenge. Our Kits are individually wrapped and labeled with factory assembly part numbers on each kit to help make the Restoration process as smooth as possible. If a vendor doesn’t offer this, just know it's a warning sign and proceed at your own risk!

Vintage Master Bolt Kits

A Master Bolt Kit means you don’t have to individually search for hardware for your classic car.

Instead of scouring local automotive bolts and nuts suppliers or scrolling the internet for bolts,

kits include everything you need in one convenient package. These kits are reproduced with the original style hex head bolts and the correct head markings and finish.

Master Bolt Kits are a blend of different Bolt Kits. Every Master Kit is made to compliment your

car’s interior, engine, breaks, chassis, and more. Master Kits are a great way to insure you’ll have the critical fasteners needed for the job ahead!

What’s Included in a Master Bolt Kit?

Each unique kit is a must-have collection of nuts, bolts, and screws for your classic car

restoration. Master Bolt Kits for classic cars include the fasteners required to assemble the

body, engine, interior, or chassis. In addition, every kit features intricate attention to detail,

including head markings and finishes.

Now remember - just because you have the Master Kit it doesn’t mean you should go at it alone! Make sure you use your kit along with the factory manual to get the job done right!!

Save More with a Master Kit

Purchasing a Master Kit with all the nuts and bolts you’ll need to complete your restoration

project can help you save on your next repair. All you have to do is select the year, make, and

model of your classic car and you should be able to see all the various kits available. Another tip - make sure any Kit you buy is filled with parts that are made and hand-packaged in the USA, using AMK Products.

Are you ready to get started on your next classic car restoration project? Click here to check out our selection of Master Kits, each complete with automotive fasteners, including stainless steel nuts and bolts for your vehicle.


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